Sunday, August 02, 2009


my sweetie bought me a coupla old-school composition books (_not_ "college-ruled") to take on the trip to ohio and i'm gonna use a method my middle dtr taught me for gettin' unblocked (basically sit down for 30 minutes and keep the pen moving without trying to self-edit or revise) to get offa my chest some of the stuff i've been thinking about lately, mainly about my folks' illnesses and our weird family dynamic. i haven't done anything like this since the year i got out of the service, when i journaled pretty extensively about my job search trials 'n' tribs and the stuff that led to my exit from the air force. (and i wasn't a "writer," back then, mind you.) when it was all done, i took my notebooks to the house of a guy i knew i was never gonna see again and left 'em with him. don't know what i'll wind up doing with these, but it'll give me something to do on the plane, anyhow.


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