Saturday, August 15, 2009

PFFFFT!: the last hurrah

hembree has been busily updating katboy's PFFFFT! archive, finally getting around to editing and uploading our last two shows (from november and december last year). november's up now and it's a goodie, except for the "rapper/blues singer" who joined us at the end. if my shakey memory serves, december was a goodun too; evidence will be available soon. we knew we were getting fired from our recurring monthly gig at the fairmount (r.i.p.), but that was the night that mark cook and terry horn stopped in to check us out, which led to the hentai improvising orchestra coming into existence. clay, tony, matt hickey (on bass) and i will play a PFFF(F)T! set at the firehouse gallery on september 5th. another reason for hembree's spurt of audio editing activity is an invitation we received from jack bensonhurst of indian casino records to contribute a couple of tracks for a compilation they're planning to release. we figure it's our one shot at posterity.


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