Saturday, August 08, 2009

nixon resigns

it was 35 yrs ago today. we were watching a met game at dave relethford's house when the news broke in. we were silent for a minute, then went uproarious, hooting and hollering, spraying shaving cream all over the tv. i think someone actually pressed their ass cheeks against the screen. before that, i'd watched nixon speeches with the sound turned off and pink floyd or some such on the stereo (this yrs before the wizard of oz/dark side of the moon linkage was discovered). my pop had been watching the watergate hearings as entertainment (his other fave show of all time: the army-mccarthy hearings). in retrospect, it all seems less amusing, because watergate was the beginning of _everybody_ in this country, regardless of age or political orientation, assuming out of hand that the ppl in charge were crooks (which was either ok or not, depending on which side of the fence they leaned toward and who was in power). and by resigning, tricky dick managed to avoid getting what he deserved for breaking that trust.


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