Friday, August 07, 2009

my myspace profile song

ex-fw symphony violinist steve huber, who's now involved in something called pot! the musical, posted some old recordings on his myspace thingy, including a 16-minute snippet of one of the old wreck room jams that lee allen used to host. while most of it is steve and darrin kobetich going off, the first minute or so (which is all anybody typically listens to anyway) is all me. hooray! also on the track are brian sharp (tpt) and joe cruz (ds). hadn't thought about this stuff in awhile, but i dig the musical projects i'm involved in now a lot more. that didn't prevent me from adding it to my myspace thingy, however.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As usual, can't get that dang ms player to work. Would love to see you post some of yer improv stuff on a free hosting site like alonetone or soundclick, etc.
Rant concluded thanks


6:12 AM  
Blogger The Stash Dauber said...

yeah, it's annoying, innit? i can't send email from there right now. it's almost enough to make a person sign up with facebook. HAHAHAHAHA!

fwiw, hentai improvising orchestra has a page on

and hembree has his PFFFFT! archive:

he says he's gonna put the november and december 2008 shows up soon

7:08 AM  

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