Sunday, August 30, 2009

mo' doug sahm

here's another download link, thisun to a bluesy '73 philly show with augie meyers, david "fathead" newman, and george rains. i also recently copped an aussie reish (on raven, the best li'l reissue label around) that paired sir douglas quintet's 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 and the return of doug saldana albs. pure goodness. thanks to lee jackson for rekindling my sir doug fandom.

here's the scoop:

Doug Sahm Band
Bijou Cafe
Philadelphia, PA
21 February 1973

Soundboard recording
Originally broadcast on WMMR-Philadelphia

This version was NOT taped from WMMR. A tape of that original show was broadcast on KUT-Austin, and this was recorded from KUT, so it's 2nd generation. An interesting note, however: in the outro, the KUT radio host says that he got the tape from Bruce Davis - who is the same person that gave me this recording!

The Bootleg Archive has this show with 14 tracks, including the WMMR intro; mine was chopped up into 26, Lord knows why. I have re-tracked it to 16: the KUT intro and outro (in case you want to drop those), the WMMR intro and the 13 songs. But the tracking will differ from a 1st generation version. Excellent sound and performance, Doug is in great voice.

01. Intro
02. Oh, Pretty Woman
03. I'm Glad For Your Sake (But I'm Sorry For Mine)
04. She's About A Mover
05. Are In-Laws Really Outlaws?
06. Talk To Me
07. (Is Anybody Goin' To) San Antone
08. Wolverton Mountain
09. Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
10. Right Or Wrong
11. Stormy Monday
12. The Rains Came
13. Papa Ain't Salty
14. Mendocino

Doug Sahm - Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle
Augie Meyers - Organ
David "Fathead" Newman - Sax
George Raines - Drums

if you harbor any curiosity about doug's texas rock for country rollers alb from '76, go here.

here's a nice no depression article about doug by fellow texan and ex-rolling stone scribe chet flippo.


Blogger a. said...

i can't believe there was a time when WMMR actually played happening music. who'd a thunk it?

as a younger man, i had a little run in once with an MMR banner (or maybe it was WYSP - just as bad and twice as awful) outside a venue in camden, nj.
it was nonsense in the same spirit as your engraving adventure as graceland. looking back, i sure feel bad about making the poor intern who had to retrieve it do double the work.

welcome back.

6:41 PM  

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