Monday, August 31, 2009

juke jumpers reunion @ the keys lounge sat'day

when i first moved to fort worth in '78, there were three local bands i used to go see: the fort worth cats (new wave rock with the future icicle & the kid), master cylinder (exciting fusion jazz with the future jubilee theater pit band and mondo drummers mastermind), and the juke jumpers (blues, r&b, and rockabilly with a transplanted yankee from ohio via woodstock and a native son/rekkid store geek/leading exponent of the t-bone walker style of guitarissimo). they recorded for jim yanaway's amazing records ("if it's a hit, it's amazing"), graced local stages ranging from the fonky-but-inclusive new bluebird night club to the late, lamented tootsie's and caravan of dreams, and even toured some nationally before folding the tent in the mid-'80s. starting in '97, they've reunited periodically at venues including horny's, j&j's blues bar, and billy bob's. this sat'day, 9.5.2009, they'll do it again at the keys lounge, 5677 westcreek. myself, i'm gonna be playing at the firehouse gallery that night with PF(F)(F)T! and the hentai improvising orchestra, but if you dig bluesy roots music done less minimalist than the fabulous thunderbirds and less exhibitionistic than srv, you owe it to yourself.


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