Sunday, August 02, 2009

good news

looks like my youngest dtr and her kids are moving in with my middle dtr and her husband. saw the latter and my grandson-with-whom-i-share-a-b'day today and talked to my oldest on the phone. when we get back from ohio, i need to get some strings so i can restring her gts and we can play together s'more. she asked me to bring over some fz and deniz tek cd's for her 'puter, so i burned her le bonne route, equinox, roxy and elsewhere, and a mix cd-r of jams from weasels ripped my flesh, bongo fury, lather, and you can't do that onstage anymore, vol. 1. while i was on a roll, i also burned her some nels cline, boris with michio kurihara, and matt baldwin. who knows -- maybe in a coupla yrs, she'll be a better gtr player than i am, in the same way as her middle sister is already a better writer.


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