Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8.26.2009 new jersey

today my sis and i took a break from sitting with our dad to go to the stop 'n' shop and buy a half dozen klondike ice cream sammitches (only three dollars!), which we sat down on a bench in front of the market and ate, one by one. almost as good as the time we went out and got beer at eight in the morning while he was yelling at the movers whom he swore had told him he'd be picked up and delivered the same day. she also remembered the trip i made here a couple of yrs ago when i smoked pretty much continuously from when i arrived until i left. that was also the trip where i had the unique experience of crawling around the floor at 4am looking for more alcohol...with our mom. i'm now into reading murder mysteries by some dutch guy who writes as though english is his second language, but is pretty good anyway.


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