Saturday, August 22, 2009

8.22.2009 new jersey

although i hate flying, i like the sight of a city at night seen from the air.

when we were getting off the plane, i overheard one of the stewardesses on the phone with someone -- the pilot? someone on the ground? apparently she'd gotten in an altercation with a lady who insisted on sending her soto the restroom when the plane was on final approach.

"she said, 'he has to take a piss. what do you want me to do, let him piss on the seat?' so i told her, 'well, ma'am, if you don't care about your child, neither do i, but it's really not safe for him to be going back there by himself.'"

my pop seems a little better, but he's still not eating, and he's at the point where his body is starting to burn muscle, since he hasn't eaten anything to speak of for the past five days. this isn't good. (your heart is a muscle, after all.)

he's conversing, altho he's very disoriented in time, and when he's not sleeping (which is most of the time), he spends a lot of time very laboriously hacking up phlegm. when this happens, i think, "take me out before i get to that point." i do, however, recognize that i might feel differently about that when i get to that point.


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Ken I'll pray for you and your Family.

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