Wednesday, July 22, 2009

today at work

...i chased a bus around the parking lot.

when i got to work there was a guy in my department from an old-folks' home in irving, who'd brought some of the folks from there to the market on an outing. my boss put together a bag of potion 'n' lotion samples for them, but when she walked the store trying to find him, he was nowhere to be found. i tried looking for him on the patio, since he'd mentioned telling his charges to have lunch there, but i didn't see any sign of him or them, so i went looking around the side of the building, where the buses usually park. no sign of 'em there, either, but just as i was getting ready to go back inside, i saw what appeared to be a short bus at the end of the first aisle in the parking lot.

i took off running, waving my hands and yelling, but the bus driver didn't notice or didn't figure i had anything to do with him, so he turned and headed past borders. i kept chasing him until he'd turned the corner and was heading toward world market. finally he stopped and i was able to shove the bag o' goodies through his window, along with an explanation. on the way back in, i saw the first dude eating lunch on the patio (duh -- i musta overlooked him the first time) and let him know about the bag of stuff for the old folks.

i used to run all the time, but that was many sedentary years (and lotsa packs of smokes) ago. i was surprised i could still run after all this time. my legs are probably going to hurt like hell tom'w, but maybe this is something i might wanna start doing again once it's a little cooler. (terry from the hentai orchestra does.)


Blogger Grubbermeister said...

Chasing nursing home buses: the next exercise craze? Only time will tell...

9:29 AM  

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