Saturday, July 18, 2009

stoogeaphilia @ lola's 6th 7.16.2009 post mortem

for some reason, we were really happening that night. had the best stage mix we've had in awhile, and from what hembree says, it sounded good out front too. i'd like to say some of that is due to the new varsity amp, but chris fisher did yeoman service (and had the gtrs firing toward the center). hembree said the recording came out great, and he'll have it online as soon as he gets done editing the recordings from the hentai improvising orchestra/underground railroad/harry has a head like a ping pong ball show. my sweetie took a ton of pics, some of which will be uploaded to her photo blog as soon as she culls 'em out. the strange attractors played great and their new rekkid is boss; i just penned a review for the i-94 bar that hopefully will run while they're still out on the road. playing fewer shows this yr than last but enjoying (and remembering) them more. next: hentai at the firehouse on 7.25, and the stoogeband breaks the seal on big d at muddy waters on live oak with the bipolar express and dj jeff martin on 8.22.


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