Tuesday, July 21, 2009

breakfast with giraffes

this story reminded me of a guy from my reserve unit in shreveport and the story of his family's summer vacation to carlsbad caverns, which got as far as the wildlife park in grand prairie, where he decided to ignore the signs warning visitors not to feed the giraffes.

i can't possibly do his story justice, partly because i don't have his accent, but the gist of it was, "you never really think about how big a giraffe's head is until you see one up close," followed by the animal getting its head stuck in the pickup's cab, his wife screaming "AAAH! AAAH! AAAH!" as she kicked at it, and the giraffe's horns tearing up the ceiling of his cab while it blew snot all over his children, who were cowering under the dashboard. "after that," he said, "we drove straight home and didn't say a single word the whole time."

you probably had to be there.


Anonymous shipman said...

Hahaha! Almost as good as my childhood memory of that wildlife park, where the engine in my dad's old '78 Cutlass clunker decided to catch fire right in the middle of the rhino section of the park. We weren't sure whether to get out and brave it with the rhinos, or choke to death on the back smoke pouring in from the dash vents... Apparently, we escaped unharmed, because I remember park employees shoveling fresh manure onto the engine to put out the fire. Never saw that car again...

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