Friday, June 05, 2009


played cody's amp tonight and i think it's gonna work for stoogegigs. made my house shake with volume on 5 (a must for the stoogeband), which i remember from my old '95 reish. the overdrive channel sounded pretty foul, but i'm sure i can tweak it to where it'll be serviceable. this amp adds a few layers of complexity: a four-button footswitch provides channel switching and an effects loop that are more useful than the ones on the h&k because the twin actually has a decent clean tone -- it's a fender, duh -- and the output levels with/without effects are tweakable here (on the h&k, i never used the loop because it had a muffled sound). plus reverb and tremelo (i can hear the slow part at the end of "future now" as i type this). i sense that tone settings are going to be more important on this beast than on the other amps i've been using; can't just dime everything when i've had a few drinks. cody sez he already got an offer on craigslist, so hopefully he hasn't let it go yet.


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