Monday, June 01, 2009

thunderclap newman

so many records, so little time recently posted an alternate version of "accidents," the best song from thunderclap newman's 1970 alb hollywood dream and the follow-up single to "something in the air" (a paean to the revolooshun which was an unlikely u.s. hit). it was no less of a personage than pete townshend that put who roadie and wannabe singer-songwriter john "speedy" keen (who'd penned "armenia city in the sky" for the who sell out) together with eccentric (and quite square-looking) trad jazz pianist andy newman and teenaged gtrist jimmy mcculloch (who'd go on to a stint in mccartney's wings), then produced and played bass on their records (under the pseudonym "bijou drains"). although keen and mcculloch are both deceased, newman has put together a new lineup to perform hollywood dream in pubs over in the u.k. who'd a thunk it?


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