Tuesday, June 02, 2009

a poem about stoogeaphilia (who'd a thunk it?)

rich thick red velvet
and silky honey
over warm bread

let wind fall in
over hard lines
to calm through
its breath's blow

jumpin' flames
on wood,
through paper
and concrete-
flames grab veins
and blood
with grumble
and growl

beating ancient hands
on heart
thud upon thud,
a cry from string and pulse
with a wandering eye
lost with lost of dress
found with found
closed lids
and the metal grasp
of beer held verse

and sweat
turned back
with clenched fist
over phone

finish strong
finish wild
finish hard

- claudia acosta (2006)

inspired by our very first performance at the wreck room. the author lives in new york city now.


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