Tuesday, June 30, 2009

neil's big file cabinet

from wired. is the romance of the artifact dead? for even such a crusty curmudgeon as yr humble chronicler o' events, the instant availability of downloads is starting to look (in some cases, at least) like a reasonable alternative to crate-digging. (on the other hand, my sweetie has promised to take me on a belated b-day crawl of hpb's tom'w. hooray!)


Anonymous shipman said...

I have always been very big on "The Romance of the Artifact" and I feel the loss now that I have migrated to a digital-only music collection... But that sense of loss is dwarfed by the thrill of being able to enjoy vastly more music, both old and new, than I ever would have had the time, money and resources to track down in the time-honored crate-digging fashion. (Besides, I can carry a large portion of my entire music collection with me at all times! *160 gig iPod*)

7:58 AM  
Anonymous shipman said...

P.S. - Thought you might enjoy this unrelated article titled "No Time to Think: Digital media are overwhelming our consciousness and eclipsing our capacity for reflection."


7:59 AM  

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