Sunday, June 21, 2009

hangin' with liles

one of the things i noticed was that he has multiple copies in his car and apartment of a history of 7 eleven that his dad allen liles penned while he was vp of public relations for the southland corporation back in the '70s. (jeff and his sister are even in one of the pics, riding their bikes in front of a 7 eleven -- well, actually in front of the family home in north dallas before they were razorbladed in a la oswald with the rifle.) i like that he claims that bit of family history. (his pop, a minister, has also done an audio cd to help people deal with road rage.)

also found it interesting that he had popsicles -- the ones that come in those little plastic sleeves, not the ones on sticks -- in his car and freezer. and when he offered them to his guests, who'd been sweating it out in the currently deconstructed interior of the kessler theater and on the patio of kavala, the mediterranean joint where the post-event happy hour was held, my sweetie said, "they tasted like childhood." cool in more ways than one.


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