Saturday, June 06, 2009

further twinnage

took cody the money for the amp and dicked around with it some more this afternoon while my sweetie was outside painting more wall hangings for prom. the overdrive channel sounds better when you roll back the gain; the volume just needs to be a tad bit higher than the clean channel for the transition between them to be smooth. even with the volume on two, the clean channel sounds big and ballsy. i've definitely missed this facet of gtr amps for the past few yrs (when i wasn't getting spoiled by the "amps du jour" at the me-thinks prac pad). it's nice having an amp i got from a haltom city cat that was basically paid for with the coin i got from the weekly for the haltom city/indian casino records story. plus, i've always been a fender amp guy: in my life, i've owned a super reverb, a tweed deluxe, and a reissue twin reverb. now i have another.


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