Tuesday, June 30, 2009

from the "people outraged by police harassment of the rainbow lounge" facebook group

Michal-Anne Pepper sent a message to the members of People Outraged by Police Harassment of the Rainbow Lounge.

Subject: Community Policing Forum Tonight at 7 p.m.

"Each month the FW police hold a community forum. The next one is tonight, June 30 at the New Beginnings International Church. Check out the "event page" for more information, bring a few friends, and let members of the police department know that their behavior at Rainbow Lounge was unacceptable."

neil's big file cabinet

from wired. is the romance of the artifact dead? for even such a crusty curmudgeon as yr humble chronicler o' events, the instant availability of downloads is starting to look (in some cases, at least) like a reasonable alternative to crate-digging. (on the other hand, my sweetie has promised to take me on a belated b-day crawl of hpb's tom'w. hooray!)

mongo beti/mungo jerry

acerbic cameroonian novelist:

one hit wonder brit jugband:

sleep reunion int

from vice. is it my imagination, or is al cisneros starting to look like j. mascis?

Monday, June 29, 2009

the rainbow lounge story is national now

see the daily kos. and this facebook group (yes, i heard you, tex). and the associated press. jimmy fowler will be doing a cover story for the fw weekly.

alvaro, the chilean with the singing nose

i don't make 'em up, i just report on 'em. this guy played with joe strummer in the 101'ers, and in 1977, he released an album called drinking my own sperm. now there's a german documentary about him. really.

bye, sky

from arthur.


thanks to farren for posting this b. kliban classic.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

st. lester on captain beefheart

from the captain beefheart radar station. i originally read this in the village voice. i think it was the last piece of lester's writing i read while he was still alive. thanks to t.tex for posting the link.

east side story

bob seger & the last heard from 1966. somehow seems relevant to the last post.


so on the 40th anniversary of the stonewall riots, fort worth police and tabc agents raided a newly-opened gay club on jennings, arresting seven and sending one patron to the hospital with a fractured skull. makes me wonder if the fort has really come as far as i'd been thinking it had in the last 30 years. a friend of ours who was downtown sunday said that when the hundred or so protesters marched past 8.0's on their way to the courthouse, "about 65 percent" of the people sitting on the bar's patio gave them a standing ovation. it will be interesting to see how this shakes out.

mo' family

been listening to their live alb, a latter day release of a 1971 show when john wetton was in the lineup (before going on to king crimson, u.k. -- with whom i saw him right after moving to texas in '78 -- and, um, asia). a proggy hard rock band with interesting vox (especially when wetton was on board to back up roger chapman), ace songcraft and no showboat soloing. two, count 'em, two gibson doublenecks (6- and 12-string, bass and gtr), which might explain why it sounds as though charlie whitney has borrowed jimmy page's gtr tone. too subtle for me to get when it was new and i was trying to play like leslie west and joe walsh, but in the fullness of time, it hits just right.

random stuff

i continue to be overwhelmed by the courage of people in iran, from the protesters protecting outnumbered riot police from crowds to the cleric/legislator speaking out in support of mousavi before a largely hostile majlis. it doesn't matter that mousavi isn't "our guy" -- that's not the point.

also, farren reminds us that today is the 40th anniversary of the stonewall riots.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

r.i.p. the ox

hard to believe it was seven yrs ago today that a force of nature was stilled. i count myself lucky i got to see him on his last tour with the 'oo in y2k. (thanks, ron!) the cliche line was how bored he looked, but anyone with ears could tell you the man played enough music to carry an entahr band on his back. go easy.

not on facebook

i continue to resist invitations, even those from ppl i like, to join facebook. i spend way too much time on the goddamn computer as it is, and the most frequent "pro" argument i've heard re: facebook is "it's a great way to reconnect with ppl you knew in high school/college." i can only remember the names of about ten people i went to high school with, and i don't feel particularly motivated to reconnect with any of 'em. i stay on myspace to promote my bands (and, to a lesser extent, my scrawl). one social networking site is plenty, thank you very much.

in memory of elizabeth reed

on this day in 1971, i listened to the live broadcast of the closing night of the fillmore east on wnew-fm. unlike josh alan friedman, who lived closer to the city and whose parents were hipper, i never set foot in the j'int myself. this clip is from an unaired pbs doco, taped at the fillmore east on 9.23.1970. hard to believe it was 10 yrs ago when i usedta play this song in the occasionals with ron geida.


if years were weeks, i'd be a year old this weekend.

the stoogeband had to decline a slot at the fw weekly music awards showcase because hembree had a gig that was booked a year ago (which wound up canceling after we'd declined -- feh). i was planning to drink absinthe at the chat room with jesse and ash, but then i thought that it might be better to make this an eating weekend than a drinking weekend.

so today, i'm cooking tempura for my middle daughter and son-in-law. tom'w a.m., my sweetie is making me a big english breakfast. after i close the market tom'w night, jesse and ash will join us for pizzas with fresh stuff from the garden (i get off work at 10pm, by which time the big english breakfast should have worn off).

and sometime in the next coupla weeks, my sweetie is taking me on the hpb tour of the metromess. hooray!

Friday, June 26, 2009

new stooges box

if you wanna hear samples from easy action records' new box of live recordings from the 1971 lineup that featured both ron asheton and james williamson on gtrs, go here. (thanks to the barman for the coat-pull.)

ADDENDUM: duh, i posted the wrong link. fixed now.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

we gots another gig

hentai improvising orchestra

7/25/2009 9:00 PM at Firehouse Art Gallery
4147 Meadowbrook Dr., Fort Worth, Texas 76103
Cost: 5.00
Short sets by: yanari and pff(f)t, all culminating in a spatial performance by the hentai improvising orchestra

ADDENDUM: apparently ftw expat (now living in amarillo) photog/teacher/muso rene west's photo exhibit is opening at the firehouse the same night. nice.

bye, mike

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my scrawl in the fw weekly

i penned a few of the blurbs in the fw weekly's music awards feature (mine are clustered together near the beginning of the story), as well as a "last call" column about jazz gtrist keith wingate's ongoing gig at 7th haven.

this week

been watching movies about blacks and italians (spike's miracle at st. anna and de niro's a bronx tale -- thanks, jesse!) and listening to music by anglo-saxons (charlie haden's rambling boy and richard thompson's 1000 years of popular music). looking fwd to the first stoogeprac in for-fuckin'-_ever_ tom'w night. this sunday, plan to celebrate my 52nd b-day (if years were weeks, i'd be a year old this sunday) by having a nice dinner at home with jesse and ash after i close the market, rather than drinking absinthe as previously planned. that's just what time it is.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

doc paul slavens gots a podcast

what i said. the good doctor spins and discusses new local releases.


awoke from a very strange dream and found these clips by a great, obscuro (in this country, anyway) english band from '67-'73, fronted by bleating singer roger chapman, that contributed players to blind faith, king crimson, and rod stewart's band. "weaver of my life, let me look and see / the pattern of my life gone by shown on your tapestry..." lots more vid here. fan site here.

Monday, June 22, 2009

first kill

one of the most compelling voices of the vietnam war belongs to journalist michael herr, who wrote about his year in vietnam in the book dispatches and went on to write narration for coppola's apocalypse now and the screenplay for kubrick's full metal jacket. he's the central voice in this 2001 doco in which viet vets talk about their experiences. thought-provoking viewing.

dinner tonight

a coupla ribeyes, asparagus and shiitakes sauteed with shallots, tomatoes from our garden (picked by my granddaughter this afternoon) with red onion in balsamic vinegar, and steamed kale (also from the garden), with pear slices as a palate cleanser. who needs to eat out?

are we too late for the trend?

1979 dallas punk comp, with nervebreakers, barry kooda combo, telefones, infants, vomit pigs, more. thanks to jerko for the link!

emily elbert

the me-thinks @ lola's 6th, 6.19.2009

the audience @ lola's 6th, 6.19.2009


hard to believe it's been a year since we lost this guy.

ram jam

regan: i see your attack attack! and raise you "black betty," a veritable "toys 'r us" of late '70s douchebaggery.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

barry kooda vs. the thunderstorm @ the kessler theater

hangin' with liles

one of the things i noticed was that he has multiple copies in his car and apartment of a history of 7 eleven that his dad allen liles penned while he was vp of public relations for the southland corporation back in the '70s. (jeff and his sister are even in one of the pics, riding their bikes in front of a 7 eleven -- well, actually in front of the family home in north dallas before they were razorbladed in a la oswald with the rifle.) i like that he claims that bit of family history. (his pop, a minister, has also done an audio cd to help people deal with road rage.)

also found it interesting that he had popsicles -- the ones that come in those little plastic sleeves, not the ones on sticks -- in his car and freezer. and when he offered them to his guests, who'd been sweating it out in the currently deconstructed interior of the kessler theater and on the patio of kavala, the mediterranean joint where the post-event happy hour was held, my sweetie said, "they tasted like childhood." cool in more ways than one.

a knot is not a noose

one of the most compelling chapters from josh alan freedman's "autobiographical novel" black cracker is on his myspace blog now.

whiskey train

here's a song i hadn't thought about in over 30 yrs that i usedta like to play with warren benz and paul bermingham in the summer of, um, was it really '77? thanks to tim stegall for reminding me of this.

roger ebert on the demagogues

wow. here's an interesting analysis by the chicago sun-times film crit on bill o'reilly and his ilk. two thumbs up for the piece, two thumbs down to the media bullies.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Visiting the Kessler Theater

I paid a visit to my old neighborhood yesterday evening. My sweetie 'n' I were over in north Oak Cliff at Jeff Liles' invitation to attend a "sneak peek" at the Kessler Theater at the intersection of West Davis and North Clinton. The theater's about to be renovated with an eye to opening as a 300-capacity music venue (with in-house piano and dance studios) in December this year -- that's right, in six months -- and Jeff's going to be booking the music. It could be another Caravan of Dreams, set in the middle of a 'hood that's been quietly evolving into the Brooklyn of Dallas over the past 15 years or so. Another big plus for those of us from the 817: it's easy to get to -- I-30 to Hampton to Davis and boom, you're there.

It was only after we parked the car that it snapped in my head that the Kessler's location is about three blocks from the second place I lived after I moved to Texas in '78: a duplex in the 400 block of N. Winnetka, which I shared with my drummer from college and a coupla cats from Schenectady for couple of months, from July until I decamped for the Gulf with two other friends in September. Sure enough, the house was still there, looking essentially as it had back then, down to the two dudes swilling beer on the porch. The only immediately discernable difference was that the house up the street with the geese no longer had geese.

Norma's Cafe was still across Davis, and up the street, Chango Botanica. Across from Norma's in one direction was the Jack In the Box that I saw besieged by little boys from the neighborhood one night after I finished closing Peaches at Cole and Fitzhugh. In the other direction is the apartment building where Liles stays. Dennis Gonzalez lives a few blocks away, too. A nice li'l 'hood, much more my speed than most of Big D. It occurred to me that I felt a lot less connected to places when I was young than I do now. Back then, I was so into whatever I was doing at the time that I was kind of oblivious to my surroundings. But in the fullness of time, encountering familiar places from days gone by evokes a flood of memories.

At Liles' recommendation, we stopped for food at Cesar's Tacos -- big, tasty burritos with green sauce and sour cream on the side, and Mexican Cokes. (We figured it'd be bad form to hit the post-"sneak peek" happy hour _ravenous_.) The chow was righteous and reasonably priced (three bucks for a burrito or torta), and the j'int is open 24 hours. A perfect storm. Next time we're in the area, we wanna check out the pupuseria (a pupusa, we discovered, is a Salvadoran flatbread sammitch) further up Davis.

We joined the crowd of community 'n' media folks at the theater, which included ex-Nervebreaker Barry Kooda (whose trio is opening for the li'l Stoogeband and Austin's Strange Attractors at Lola's 6th on July 16th), snapping photos and wearing a hardhat; Deep Ellum survivor/photog/Austinite Machelle Dunlop; Dallas Observer scribe Jesse Hughey; and ex-Nervebreakers/Vibrolux/Decadent Dub Team guitarist Paul Quigg, who'll be production manager for the new venue.

The Kessler's a great space, built in 1941 and owned by cowboy star Gene Autry from the late 40's to the early '50s. It survived destruction by a tornado in 1957 and a fire in the '70s. Following incarnations as a church and a sweatshop, the building sat disused for 31 years, until investor Edwin Cabaniss bought the building early this year. The architectural plans looks promising. One hopes that the money guy will be okay with investing what it takes to get the room sounding right, and have the patience to allow time for this venture to get on its feet once the doors are open. In his brief remarks, Cabaniss said all the right things about respecting the neighborhood's diversity and character. Then he brought up Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert. Seeing Leppert and Liles posing side by side with shovels, my sweetie remarked, "It's like the mayor of Dallas standing next to the mayor of Deep Ellum." When I reported her quip to Liles later, he corrected me: "Not Deep Ellum any more," he said. "Oak Cliff!"

After that, singer-songwriter Emily Elbert -- who'll be old enough to buy a beer in December and looks _almost_ old enough to be attending Boston's Berklee College of Music (where she holds a full-tuition scholarship) -- sang a couple of songs. She's got great pipes and guitar/compositional chops in the same jazzy-soulful vein as older Dallasites Edie Brickell and Norah Jones. Her mom gave me a CD that I'll review when I have time to listen/absorb/cogitate.

A real nice night out on the east side of the county line. I could even see getting in the habit. Thanks to Liles for the coat-pull and the post-event hospitality.

eric dolphy woulda been 81 today

Thursday, June 18, 2009

this weekend

friday night, we're going to oak cliff to get a sneak peek at the kessler theater before renovation begins there. when it's complete, jeff liles has been given carte blanche to book whatever moves him. in other words, it should be a pretty damn snazz spot.

sat'day, we're going to a tom finn crawfish boil at jesse the painter's. i'll be suited up with the asian media crew for the mighty me-thinks' performance at lola's 6th street that night. yeah!

our first four tomatoes of the season

tonight for din-din, we're having a big spinach 'n' romaine salad with walnuts, grapes, pears, and goat cheese with a balsamic vinegar dressing, and crusty bread with herbed butter. yeah!

mo' petra haden

singing a carter family song she recorded for her pop charlie's rambling boy alb last year. they play this on the muzak at the market and i don't feel like killing myself.

t.tex and out on parole @ lovejoy's in austin, 7.9.2009

what i said. mike buck on drums. i asked for that day and the day after off. looks like time for a road trip.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

cyberattacks in iran

if anyone ever tells you that ppl don't inherently wanna be free, remember this along with the falling wall and the chinaman standing in front of the tank.

r.i.p. charlie mariano

the alto saxophonist from mingus' the black saint and the sinner lady left the planet yesterday, aged 85. a peaceful journey to him, and respect and sympathy to his family. (thanks to aaron g. for posting.)

oh my

yr humble chronicler o' events was the subject of some effusive praise in the fw weekly's "hearsay" column this week. you can see my response in the column's comments section.

mo' move vid

here's carl wayne posing with an axe and really giving the cameraman a hard time at a festival in germany, 1969.

ADDENDUM: i made me an itunes move playlist to listen to while i was writing this a.m. a reliable source sez that they'll be releasing their bbc sessions and a live 1969 set from the fillmore this october. it'll be an expensive month, but it'll be worth it.

boozing through bad times

the italian kid shared this, from modern drunkard.

mo' matt wilson

...with dewey redman in germany, 2000.

and with his "other" band, arts and crafts.

kavin. vs the cicadas @ hip pocket theater, 6.14.2009

social media = punk rock?

_you_ decide!!!

thanks to t.tex and the barman for posting.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the transatlantic feedback

andrew in philly pulled my coat to a doco about the monks that's out now on dvd. yeah!

my scrawl at iloveftw.com

a piece i penned on "hiking, pedaling, and paddling around the fort" is online now at iloveftw.com.

it's bloomsday!

...so my sweetie 'n' i are gonna watch bloom, the 2003 irish film versh of james joyce's ulysses.

jews who rawk

actually four of many. thanks to the barman for sharing.

the way things are shaping up

...the hentai improvising orchestra's july 11th stand at lola's 6th street will include marcus brunt on trombone and yr happy hour bartender billy whitewater wilson on theremin. also visuals by gutterth productions' brent frishman. i'll know more after i have drinkie-talkie with mark and terry at j.r. bentley's in arlington tom'w night. hooray!

petra haden

i actually like this song when it's done this way.

did jazz really end in 1959?

duh. from the globe and mail.

mo' move

the whole time i was in joisey i had these two move songs in my head. really this is just an excuse to post more vids for uber-anglophile hickey. no scary roy visuals, tho. well...almost.

improv everywhere

this is even weirder than the one, two, three torture scene.

the bristol stomp

for some reason, i woke up with this song (which i first heard when i was four) stuck in my head. ceiling cat help me.

dovells lead singer was len barry of "1-2-3" fame. coincidentally, that was the name of this james cagney flick from the same year about divided berlin, in which horst buchholz from the magnificent seven is tortured by the commies, who make him listen to brian hyland's "itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini." admit it: you'd crack, too.

Monday, June 15, 2009

matt wilson

heard a real good jazz rekkid today by drummer matt wilson (who backed dewey redman on his in london disc) and penned a review which in the fullness of time shall appear in the fw weekly (if fortune smiles) or its online appendage (if it doesn't). a nice surprise. the two documentaries below (in two parts each) were made by his saxophonist andrew d'angelo. note that these guys appear to have a sensahumour, which is not mutually exclusive with playing with great imagination and fire.


while most of the radio i heard up in joisey was less than snazz (the "classic rock" station from lawn guyland actually plays all the same shit that was on the air back in '72 -- beatles, rolling stones, moody blues, doors, etc.), columbia university's wkcr 89.9 fm was a noble and notable exception, playing an eclectic mix of everything from classical to reggae to bluegrass. it's _almost_ enough to restore my faith in "college radio."

bird 'n' diz

here's "hot house," from 1951:

mo' mingus

back home from attending my youngest niece's high school grad in new joisey, realizing that her parents' 25th wedding anniversary will be on the 30th of this month (and my sister-in-law in illinois' 50th b-day will be on the 24th, which we'll celebrate at my sweetie's family's lake house in ohio in august). don't have to work till tom'w, so i have time to listen to some more '64 mingus goodies that arrived in the magic mailbox while i was otherwise occupied. (inasmuch as i lament the passing of rekkid store culcha -- and i decided to forego a trip to the princeton record exchange in favor of visiting my mom and pop as often as i could over a short four-day span -- i dig the convenience of being able to think of something and snag it off amazon before the thought departs.)

revenge! is sue mingus' release (from back when she was still confiscating bootlegs she found in stores, before she figured "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" and started posting vid clips on youtube) of the april 17th, 1964 show at the salle wagram in paris. i first heard parts of this on a mixtape i got from rashied muhammad (trumpeter and intelligence analyst, with whom i had interesting discussions of racism and patriotism as well as music) while i was an instructor at the sac nco academy, and subsequently owned it as a bootleg called meditations, probably my all-time favorite illicit mingus artifact. it's from the night that trumpeter johnny coles fell ill, and includes the version of "so long eric" (curiously mistitled "goodbye pork pie hat") that appeared (up to dolphy's solo) on the first side of the vinyl great concert of charles mingus, with dolphy's solo from the following night appended at the beginning of side two. here you get the complete "so long" from the 17th (the only number on which coles performs), along with "peggy's blue skylight" (first version i ever heard), "orange was the color of her dress," "meditations," "fables of faubus" and "parkeriana."

cornell 1964 is from a couple of weeks before the naacp benefit show that produced the town hall concert alb, recorded at the ivy league school in ithaca, n.y., where my uncle once met eleanor roosevelt while washing dishes in his fraternity house, and where teenaged jon paisley and i used to pretend to be college students while shooting pool at the student union, buying wine with his fake i.d., and dredging the crates at the record co-op. it's a complete concert with coles, something we haven't heard before, and the recording quality's good enough to catch mingus' vocal cues to the band (curiously clearer than his audience announcements) as well as all of the instruments. besides the usual suspects, there's a version of duke's "take the 'a' train" that they'd essay again onstage in oslo (with byard striding like fats waller the same way he did on the paris "parkeriana"), a "so long eric" taken at a slower tempo than at town hall and in europe, "when irish eyes are smiling" in honor of st. paddy's day, and waller's "jitterbug waltz" that dolphy had previously waxed as a leader on iron man back in '63. (ADDENDUM: on cornell 1964, we get to hear the band breaking in the new material. by town hall, they'd mastered it, and in europe, they'd transform it nightly.)

maybe next year, if my sweetie 'n' i make it up north to visit the jersey shore and the spots on long island where i spent my formative years, we can make it to the jazz standard in manhattan on a monday night to catch one of the mingus legacy bands (assuming they're still holding down the gig by then). perhaps we can even drag along my jazz-loving brother-in-law and big sis for the evening.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

my sweetie's prom artworks

click on the pics to make 'em big.

the recession and the working poor

my big sis shared this nyt piece by nickel and dimed scribe barbara ehrenreich.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

what i'm doing tom'w

from the sublime to the ridiculous (or vice versa):

belle meade, nj, 6.14.2009

we were talking about my paternal grandfather's house in honolulu.
when mom asked, "who lives there now?" i said i thought they sold it
when grandpa died. she said: "that's how families die --
when the descendants don't know what happened to the house."

o.p.m.: reggae in the car going to my dad's nursing home;
sly's versh of "que sera sera" (which my mom sang to us as kids)
as i was leaving the nursing home where she lives now;
barber's adagio before my niece's high school graduation.

still quitting

words can't describe how great it feels having anxiety attacks but not wanting a smoke.

j. mascis on dinosaur jr. reunion

from mojo.

my scrawl in the fw weekly online

a review i penned of new cd's by brothers nels and alex cline is on the fw weekly website (but not in the paper). the last sentence will give you a clue to when this was written.

Friday, June 12, 2009

speaking of old nervebreakers...

...here's barry kooda singing the loco gringos' "texas ranger man" in the rain at the kessler theater (thanks to liles for posting):

the kinks

thanks to t.tex for posting thisun...a coupla village green gooduns:

ADDENDUM: observe the way messrs. davies employ the wolf's "smokestack lightning" riff. yeah!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

howlin' wolf woulda been 99 today

roadtrip in august?

since i have to burn some va-ca days before september, and it's a weekend, my sweetie 'n' i are planning a roadtrip to austin august 21-22 to see t.tex edwards and out on parole at the carousel lounge. yeah!

ADDENDUM: or maybe it'll be in july. film, as they say, at 11.

radio, radio

kera's parent company has bought 91.7 fm and plans to launch an "adult album alternative" format there this summer. this could either be really good, or really bland. (in my perfect universe, there'd be a place in the new format for dennis gonzalez, but that's probably too much to hope for.) thanks to da kobe for posting.

last night

my sweetie 'n' i went to tokyo cafe and had a real nice dinner. she drank one red wine and i drank one asahi black. then we came home, fell asleep around 9pm, and slept like babies until the alarm went off.

darrin kobetich @ cdbaby

go here if you dig exploratory acoustic gtr wonderment.

dinosaur jr. on wheels

vid's in the link. not bad for a bunch of old guys! thanks to calvin for sharing.

lee "scratch" perry

hideyoshi hashiba

from vice: here's japanese militarist nutballism done the _fun_ way.

7 come 11

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

humanization 4tet @ brickbat books in philltown

here's some vid from the show my buddy andrew blogged about. thanks to dennis for posting.

sleep @ atp, 5.10.2009

from arthur. miguel veliz was there.


"hey, you got pink floyd on my kubrick!"

"hey, you got kubrick on my pink floyd!"

steel pulse

speaking of brit groups covered by ph7...

Monday, June 08, 2009

the specials

these brit 2-tone ska guys, whose debut alb was one of two cassettes i owned when i returned from failing to make a band in colorado, spring of '80, are apparently touring the u.k. this winter. i'll settle for hearing ph7 play "a message to you rudy."

helen levitt

dig these images by a photog (1913-2009) who prowled nyc's spanish harlem and lower east side searching for shots and never rated her own work highly.


...was a proggy early-'70s english band that made three albums, the last of which was roll 'em, smoke 'em, put another line out. listen to ollie halsall's insane gtr stylings on "loud green song" (follow the link!) and believe.


dog from 1991 movie based on children's song:

gabonese president for life, whose term either did or didn't end monday:

zakary thaks

t.tex just linked to a lengthy interview with the lead singer of the corpus christi garage phenoms. (an even longer versh is here.)

iggy & the stooges @ the academy of music, nyc, nye 1973

the only vid i've ever seen of the raw power lineup with james williamson. (audio's not live, duh.) thanks to the barman for the link.

conductor writes piece for piano-playing cat

r.i.p. hugh hopper

the ex-soft machine bassist left the planet yesterday, aged 64, of leukemia. thanks to tommy for the coat-pull and clip.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

fz/moi in france, 1.16.71

with the waka/jawaka lineup: flo and eddie, jeff simmons, aynsley dunbar, ian underwood, george duke, and jean-luc ponty. enjoy it before gail makes them take it down.

not painless

seems like everytime i read the paper or a magazine or go online, there's another story about suicide. t.tex recently reposted a story about american farmer suicides, and the last time i ate lunch at kincaid's, i read a story in time magazine about army recruiter suicides. i read in this morning's star-t about the suicide of a young man from kazakhstan who was brought to this country and adopted by a former peace corps worker. i have to admit that that's one form of human behavior i've never been able to understand. are there really that many people feeling that level of hopelessness today?

the next book i wanna read

...is mark kurlansky's the food of a younger land: a portrait of american food -- before the national highway system, before chain restaurants, and before frozen food, when the nation's food was seasonal. (whew!) kurlansky compiled his book from materials submitted for inclusion in america eats, a never-completed work by the depression-era federal writers project which had been languishing in the library of congress' archives since the '40s. sounds like a good read, documenting an america that will probably sound fantastic by the time my grandkids are grown.

blixaboy live @ club dada, 6.6.2009

sly stone on the radio!

from kcrw. (vid quality of the clips below is variable, but the music quality more than makes up for it.)

alexander "skip" spence

from sonic boomers, reprinted from mojo. thanks to t.tex for the coat-pull.

richard florida

one way to make the city thrive: increase its attractiveness to the "creative class." from the star-t.

"groovy greats" on kosmik radiation radio

lotsa classic psych online here until june 19th.

pizza on the fly

meet nino coniglio, freestyle pizza-throwing champeen of brooklyn. makes me wanna go get a pie when i'm in new joisey next week.


aztec ruler, 1502-1520:

neil young album, 1975:

south african president, 2009-?:

horrible coors "alco-pop," 1993-2008:

h.b. tom 'n' prince

because today tom is 69 (of course!) and prince is 51, and because nobody, but _nobody_, does prince like tom, here's the inevitable confluence.

my scrawl in various places

a review i penned of aussie outfit mick medew & the rumours' new cd all your love is online now at i94bar.com. a little squib about a trip to our fave viet eatery, pho 95 in haltom city, is online now at iloveftw.com.


sounds like he's keeping his options open. why does this remind me of lost in translation?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

augie rodriguez w/mockingbird cartel @ lola's

suiciety drummer augie rodriguez will occupy the drum chair when cadillac fraf's mockingbird cartel takes the stage at lola's 6th on june 20th.

such hawks, such hounds

ray-boy laid this 2007 doco about the american hard rock underground (available on dvd here) on me when i went out to the shed to pick up cody's amp and i'm sure glad he did. it filled in a lot of holes for me, connecting the dots between the early '70s stuff i remember and stuff like kyuss, st. vitus/the obsessed, sleep/om/high on fire, etc., that i became aware of via him and teague or arthur. maybe now i won't feel so much like a venusian the next time he and teague start talking music at stoogeprac.

latin express

rolling through the northside enroute to cody's, we passed leo and carlos saenz from latin express, who informed me (through the window before getting on i-35) that they're playing a benefit for the ballet folklorico de fort worth at the trinity park shelter house tomorrow from 4-5pm, then from 6:30-9:30pm, they'll be at the mint (6865 green oaks rd., south of ridgmar mall). unfortunately i'll be working until 10pm, but that doesn't mean that you can't be there.

further twinnage

took cody the money for the amp and dicked around with it some more this afternoon while my sweetie was outside painting more wall hangings for prom. the overdrive channel sounds better when you roll back the gain; the volume just needs to be a tad bit higher than the clean channel for the transition between them to be smooth. even with the volume on two, the clean channel sounds big and ballsy. i've definitely missed this facet of gtr amps for the past few yrs (when i wasn't getting spoiled by the "amps du jour" at the me-thinks prac pad). it's nice having an amp i got from a haltom city cat that was basically paid for with the coin i got from the weekly for the haltom city/indian casino records story. plus, i've always been a fender amp guy: in my life, i've owned a super reverb, a tweed deluxe, and a reissue twin reverb. now i have another.

mingus live in '64

i'm not sure why i missed out on the dvd charles mingus live in '64 when it was new, back in 2007. could be i was preoccupied with stuff like myself turning 50, the closing of the wreck room, my pop getting sick, our cat pablo passing. but as i've frequently written, the band with eric dolphy that mingus took to europe in april 1964 is one of my favorite bands of all time, and mingus' "meditations" just might be my favorite work of his, encompassing as it does more shifting moods than any other piece i can think of (with the possible exception of his album-length the black saint and the sinner lady from the previous year). i finally broke down and bought the disc when i realized it was the source of all the youtube vids of the '64 bands i'd been running across.

seeing this band on video is as big a kick for me as was seeing hendrix's monterey performance for the first time. not only are mingus and dolphy heroic, so are longtime mingus drummer danny richmond and pianist jaki byard (whom johnny case correctly states "could play the whole history of jazz"). trumpeter johnny coles (who fell ill during the performance at paris' salle wagram on april 17th) is an elfin presence on camera, while tenor sax man clifford jordan is more stolid. it's a kick watching these musos' nonverbal behavior as they meld their sounds to play mingus' incredible music. (in particular, watch the other horn players as they improvise accomaniments behind each soloist). while i've come to think of mingus primarily as a composer, it's revealing to watch his virtuosity as a bassist; during one solo, he plays two opposing lines simultaneously by fretting with his thumbs while picking with his index fingers, a trick he pulls off so deftly that you're likely to miss it if you're not looking for it.

over two hours of playing time, you get footage from three different performances: what looks like a radio broadcast in belgium on april 19th (the day after the performance at paris' theater de champs elysees released as the great concert of charles mingus); a college concert from april 12th that was broadcast over norwegian tv; and a performance from the following night that was taped for swedish tv with the band framed against the background of an empty concert hall.

the belgian performance, without coles, consists of the first of four versions of "so long eric," a blues that mingus dedicated to dolphy, who'd announced his intention to stay on in europe before the tour started. this is an abbreviated version, only five minutes long, with each musician soloing for a single chorus. it's followed by "peggy's blue skylight," a 1959 tune i first heard performed by this band on a bootleg of the april 17th show (which mingus' widow sue re-released in '97 under the title revenge!). the highlight of this set is an epic 23-minute version of "meditations," which includes mingus rubbing and scraping his bass strings and using found objects to play the strings inside the piano during the quiet closing passages.

the oslo concert opens with a 22-minute version of "so long eric," with dynamic interplay between mingus and richmond, as well as earth-shaking solos from byard and dolphy. "orange was the color of her dress, then blue silk" features coles playing the head which jack walrath recorded on 1976's changes two and byard wound up playing on '64 dates after the trumpeter's illness. during coles' solo, the shot is framed so you can see richmond and dolphy's expressions as they respond (playing and listening, respectively) to his improvisation. an attempt at the charlie parker tribute "parkeriania" clearly isn't happening, so mingus quickly calls it down and cues byard to kick off ellington's "take the 'a' train." byard plays a storming stride solo, then dolphy takes off for a fiery (and largely unaccompanied) demonstration of his imposing technique and creativity.

the swedish tv show is really a public rehearsal, with mingus stopping "so long eric" to berate the band (and richmond serving as his "amen, brother" chorus) before leading them through another short (five-and-a-half minute) version of the tune. another attempt at "meditations" is aborted when mingus stops to tune and talk to dolphy, asking the reedman how long he plans to stay in europe. (mingus: "what's 'not long,' eric?" dolphy: "a year, not more than a year." sadly, he'd be dead from complications of undiagnosed diabetes in less than 10 weeks from when the conversation was taped.) while still substantial, the version of "meditations" that follows feels a little less weighty than the one from the belgian studio. at its conclusion, mingus plays the intro to "so long eric" again and the band launches into a loose jam on the tune that lasts for seven minutes before richmond gets up from behind his drums at the end of a solo.

now i wanna hear the recording of this band from cornell university, march 18th (two weeks before the april 4th naacp benefit at nyc's town hall that i'd thought was the first recording with this lineup), that blue note released around the same time this dvd came out.


this post from farren (whose own pop died in the war) pretty much sums it up for me. much respect to all who served. (other relevant links here and here.)