Sunday, May 24, 2009

r.i.p. ali bongo

reading the obituary of brit magician ali bongo (shown in the clips below), i was reminded of my friend, the magical ash adams, himself a conjurer and prestidigitator of some note.

when i sent him some links and asked him, "are you familiar with this guy?" it turned out he was. ash wrote:

I knew him well.
I was lucky enough to have breakfast with him in various places.
I was a big fan. He was actually brilliant, and truly an original, yet he tapped into an archetype which seemed familiar to your subconscious mind. He will truly be missed.
I even vocally had a toast to him at Lola's the day he died, even though I knew all those who raised their glasses with me only knew him from what I had just told them.
I would send you a pic of me with him, but those are at my parents house, but I do have his book at arms length, which is proudly inscribed, see the attachment.
It thrills me that you ran across this guy, and checkd out some footage, which doesn't do him justice, but... that's better than nothin.
I got lots of stories about him, I'll share someday if you're interested.
He used some brilliant magic words like:
"uju buju suck another juju"
and one I've used many times, "hocus-pocus, fishbones chokus", only I substitute "fish bones" with the more american, and alliterative- "chicken bones chokus".
thanks for asking about Ali Bongo. It makes me happy that he was recognized.

uncle walt was right: it's a small world after all.


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