Saturday, May 02, 2009

la bonita

since i quit driving, the only time i listen to the radio is when i'm in the car with my sweetie -- usually on the way to/from an evening out, prac or a gig. we usedta like to listen to npr, but there always seems to be a pledge drive going on, and knon is kinda variable (unless it's sunday afternoon with the east indian programming or beyond bows and arrows). she'll occasionally tune in the classical music on wrr-fm, but lately our fave has been la bonita 106.7, which plays "regional mexican," not a genre i'm hip to; a lot of times it sounds like doo-wop covers, but the music i've heard there really varies from '40s big band style to '80s synth-pop sounds to more traditional mexican fare, but it's all slow jams and some great, emotional singing. you can even stream the station live (click the "listen" link), although the website still carries the logo of the previous incarnation as casa 106.7.


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