Sunday, May 03, 2009

blixaboy the new nom de disque of wanz dover, an omniverous music enthusiast who, over the years, has played noisy gtr with space-rock aggros mazinga phazer, the falkon project, and the frenz. he also gots a blog here.

blixaboy showcases his krautrock-and-dub-influenced electronica side. he's been busy of late, releasing an e.p. every week or two, with three more due before a full-length drops at the end of may. of the ones i've heard, i'd give the slight edge to #1, return to the barrier peaks, for its variety of ear-beguiling sounds. the second e.p., argo 1996, is dedicated to the denton space-rock hothouse where wanz promoted the first melodica festival, and features the title track in its pristine versh and as a younger, kraut-obsessed wanz mighta heard it. all are (or will be) available via usual online suspects like amazon, digital tunes, and emusic.

wanz also promises release by florene, cygnus, jack with one eye, and the frenz by summer's end. hooray!


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