Saturday, May 02, 2009

assorted observations on last night at lola's

1) the great tyrant is undoubtedly the best band in fort worth right now. they've been playing their asses off, rehearsing three times a week, and it shows in their new toons and the way they've rearranged/reimagined older ones (including some from the still-unreleased there is a man in the house).

2) suiciety played an amazing set, sounding like they'd had much more than the one or two rehearsal(s) they were able to manage before their first show in a decade. it was really different seeing miguel veliz (whom i've only ever seen with sub oslo) play standing up, and sing!

3) as graham richardson said re: garuda, "they're a _soulful_ metal band -- those guys really mean it!" but we split early 'cos i have to go to work early this morning. and mosh pits are boring.

4) the vid of the me-thinks that andre had running when we got there was great -- made those guys look like rockstars! -- and the two songs (from two upcoming split 7"'s those guys are planning to release, one with the bastardos de sancho and the other with one fingered fist) that ray played at stoogeprac the other night sound bigger and more live than anything else they've recorded (marlin and bandy's guitars sound _huge_, finally). kudos to matt pence at the echo lab.

5) my sweetie was snapping pics and in the fullness of time, she'll post some on her photo blog.

6) talked to william bryan massey III about having him flow some spiel over "funhouse" at the next couple of stoogeshows. have to remember to show the fellas the stop-start breakdown versh of the song that mike watt played in dallas.

7) i need to quit smoking goddamn cigarettes. guh.

8) happy berfday fraf! (well, on cinco de mayo.)

9) amy kadleck is graduating from texas wesleyan on the 15th! and i finally figured out that's not the same night as the stoogeshow at the moon! (which will be on the 22nd. and i only booked it -- duh.)

10) tonight sleepytime gorilla museum is playing at lola's, the tyrant is playing at sons of herrmann hall in big d, the suiciety/garuda tag team is headed for lovejoy's in austin, and the mighty me-thinks will play fredfest while i'm still pushing potions 'n' lotions for the man at the market. (the teen artists reception at gallery 414 has apparently been rescheduled to the 16th.) i have the next two days off, and my sweetie 'n' i will probably spend them doing something quiet at home, involving cats.


11) besides being a great drummer with a flair for the dramatic, augie rodriguez looks like benicio del toro.

12) any week when i get to hear jon teague play the drums three times, two of them while i'm playing with him, qualifies as a pretty damn fine week at my house.


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