Thursday, April 09, 2009

portobello shuffle the provisional title of a planned tribute to the deviants and pink fairies, the ladbrooke grove-squatting brit versh of the mc5/stooges and the band they evolved into after ignominiously shitcanning evil dictator mick farren. the alb will also be a testimonial to devies/fairies roadie boss goodman, who suffered a stroke in 2006. from a recent myspace bull, here are the particulars:

Former Dead Kennedy, Jello Biafra and his band have recorded what he describes as a "space jam" cover of The Deviants' 'Metamorphosis Exploration'. He is also adding a spoken word reflection of 'Deviation Street' as its introduction.

Darryl Read was in late '60s early '70s underground / proto-punk band Crushed Butler with Jesse Hector (later of Hammersmith Gorillas). Read has since collaborated with too many people to mention here, but Terry Stamp, the guitarist of another pre-punk outift from the early 1970s, Third World War, Ray Manzarek of The Doors, and Sex Pistols producer Dave Goodman are a few of them. Darryl's upping the tempo a bit and giving it the "full-out punk style DR" on a version of The Deviants' 'Somewhere To Go'.

Captain Sensible's version of 'Say You Love Me', one of his favourites off Pink Fairies 1st LP Never Never Land should be completed sometime in mid-April.

The Deviants have contributed a brand new track called 'Baby Pink'. A mournful, reflective number, Andy Colquhoun's lead guitar lends itself to Mick Farren's mysterious, but equally cryptic, stanza about the eponymous 'Baby Pink'. Deviants nucleui Mick Farren and Andy Colquhoun are joined by occasional Deviants' collaborator and ex-Motorhead drummer Phil Taylor, on drums, W.A.S.P. bassist Chris Holmes and Skylaire Alfvegren on backing vocals.

The Wilko Johnson Band, that is Wilko, (guitar & vocals), Norman Watt-Roy (bass & backing vocals), and Monti (drums & backing vocals), have now finished their contribution to the forthcoming Boss Goodman testimonial and Deviants and Pink Fairies tribute CD . They've covered the title track, 'Portobello Shuffle' and distilled it into 4 1/2 minutes of classic inimitable Wilko Johnson style rhythm and blues.
Brilliant stuff!

Paul Rudolph Deviants' guitarist 1969-70; Pink Fairies guitarist 1970-72 is currently re-recording the b-side of Pink Fairies' 1970 debut single, the legendary 'Do It!'. He says it will be a 'completely energised' version.

Brian James and Rat Scabies, founder members of the Damned, have recorded their own take on 'Teenage Rebel' from Pink Fairies debut album, Never Never Land.

If you thought the energy levels were at max on the original just wait until you cop the distortion guitar and bludgeoning drums on this re-make - The Damned, Pink Fairies, MC5 and Stooges all rolled into one and then some!

John Perry and Magic Muscle. John Perry Only Ones guitarist and fellow Magic Muscle alumni, Rod Goodway and Adrian Shaw (also ex-Hawkwind) have recorded a brilliant version of 'Half Price Drinks' off Mick Farren's 1978 solo album Vampires Stole My Lunch Money.

Lead Vocal - Rod Goodway
Backing Vox - Adrian Shaw and John Perry
Lead Guitars, Percussion - John Perry
Bass, Drums, Guitar - Adrian Shaw
Mixed by Adrian Shaw & John Perry

Clark Hutchinson, perhaps best known for their 1970 album A=MH2, an innovative fusion of Eastern and Western musical styles were also heavy blues rockers par excellence. Their re-working of 'Rambling B(l)ack Transit Blues' off Deviants III bears testimony to this.

Blues afficianado, former MC5 manager, White Panther Party founder and underground cause celebre for John Lennon and Yoko Ono, John Sinclair meets long time Ladbroke Grove muso and respected session drummer, George Butler (ex-Deviants, Pink Fairies,Lightning Raiders, Eno etc. etc.) and amazing slide guitarist Slim Tim Slide for 'People Call You Crazy', also from Farren's Vampires Stole My Lunch Money LP.

Nik Turner, Hawkwind saxophonist and co-founder will be blowing up a storm (a brainstorm?) on 'Uncle Harry's Last Freak Out' with premier Pink Fairies covers band Pink FA, as well as contributing sax to a version of the Deviants' 1977 reworking of 'Let's Loot The Supermarket (Again Like We Did Last Summer' by The (Unusual) Suspects.

Felix Dennis, erstwhile OZ Obscenity Trial co-defendant and now publishing magnate, and highly respected poet, has contributed a spoken poem, 'Saturday Gig' as well as live version of 'Big Boss Man' recorded live at The Mustique Blues Festival in 2001.


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