Sunday, February 15, 2009

no idea festival: focus on annette krebs

zanzibar snails sends:

NO IDEA FESTIVAL 2009 Fort Worth
Tuesday, February 24
Lola's Saloon
Ft. Worth, TX
Doors 8pm; $10


Annette Krebs
guitar, mixing board, tapes, objects, computer, de-/composition (berlin)

On the Tuesday Feb. 24th, Annette Krebs will play a short solo piece followed by an improvised collaboration with Mike Maxwell (electronics, kalimba) and Sarah Alexander (voice, electronics). This will be the first of the evening’s three sets of music.

Guitarist Annette Krebs is a key member of a young group of Berlin musicians who emerged in the late 20th century with a new, radical, and influential musical aesthetic. This group of artists, sometimes called the Reductionist school, mix composition and improvisation to form a music for which silence is as potent as sound. Dynamics are important, and part of the aesthetic involves extremely quiet gestures that draw the listener in, focusing the ear on subtle detail. Juxtaposition is a key component, as the expected and the unexpected are deftly employed elements of composition. Krebs, a master of musical texture, may seem more like a sculptor than a guitar player. A classically trained performer, Krebs has radically reinvented the guitar to suit her music.

She lays the guitar—an amplified one—flat on a table and precisely carves out sonic shapes and colors from a variety of objects applied to the instrument. The result is fascinating. A window between action and sound is made clear. Process and composition are revealed. Through amplification, microscopic sound is enlarged, as with a magnifying glass, to become the material for music-making.

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