Monday, February 11, 2008

yells at eels update

this from yells at eels:

All kinds of great news to share:

1) The boys and I are playing with SubKommander Big Band at Melodica 2008 on Fri., Feb. 22. I am playing accordeon and Stefan will play bass clarinet

2) We play the next night as Electric Yells At Eels at Art Club at 9 pm for Melodica 2008

3) We now have the definitive Flying Scarab Yells At Eels shirt for sale for $12 in M / L / XL

4) Yells at Eels goes on tour in Poland from March 7 - March 16 with Portuguese saxist Rodrigo Amado

5) While there, we pick up the newly released Dennis Gonzalez Jnaana Quartet CD (with Aaron, Stefan, Alvin Fielder, Chris Parker, Leena Conquest, and Robbie Mercado)'s on Poland's Not Two Records company, so pre-order it now

6) We play Mountain View College on Wednesday night March 19 at 7 pm, free concert, just after getting back from Poland

7) Aaron and Stefan leave for Portugal im April for a Humanization Quartet tour, in support of their about-to-be-released Clean Feed CD

If you need anything, send us a MySpace message...All Great News for us and our loyal fans.


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