Thursday, November 22, 2007

nathan brown @ 6th street live (doo-dah, doo-dah)

bulletin from nathan brown:

hi everyone,

nathan brown(ingham) here. in case you forgot, i'm a keyboarder/ cheerleader.

i'm coming into town for the holiday and playing 2 shows.

the first is at 6th street live in fort worth. i'll be playing with don fegin from the theater fire, who'll be doing a solo set. that's thursday (thanksgiving) night. 10pm.

the second is at rubber gloves rehearsal studios in denton, with captured by robots. that's on saturday. 10pm.

after years and years of doing the same damn songs over an over, i've worked up a brand new set of ridiculously high energy lighthearted numbers. i've also switched to playing guitar with keyboards/drums/bass as backing sequences. the fort worth show will be the first time i do this new set. maybe i'll choke, and you can laugh. come out to one or both!

i also have new t-shirts for sale. pink, for girls or sissy boys. light blue, for guys or butch women.

see you there!



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