Thursday, November 15, 2007

me-thinks do dallas again

this just in from the mighty me-thinks:

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are playing across the county line over in Deep Ellum this Saturday night. It's at a place called Reno's Chop Shop on Crowdus. I'll put the info below. It's a benefit concert for some Dallas friends that got caught up in a brawl and ended up stabbed. These are working people like you and me and they need not worry about paying medical bills and keeping up with rent...just getting healed up for right now. This benefit is for them. It'll only be our second time out in Dallas (thanks Loco Gringos!...come back soon) because we are the laziest band in the world. I am actually surprised we're doing it...but we are! So come on out to Reno's. There will actually be stuff going on all day long starting at like noon but we won't be on until 9 or after. We hope to see you there and we'll have some beers and play some sloppy rock for you. Cheers!

The Me-Thinks

Reno's Chop Shop
210 N Crowdus St
Dallas, TX 75226


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