Thursday, November 29, 2007

christmas music

i'm not a fan of christmas music. i can tolerate the jose feliciano song and the vince guaraldi charlie brown soundtrack, but a lot of stuff (worst offender: the bowie-crosby "little drummer boy") makes me projectile vomit. however, out running errands today, i got to hear the salvation army bellringer outside michael's on overton ridge singing "white christmas" in the manner of arthur prysock. my sweetie and i took a big detour from the store we were walking into and made it a point to drop a coupla bucks in the gent's pot. apparently he's been in the spot for at least the last four christmases, doing more singing than bell-ringing. cat's got some pipes; he made my day. next time you're out braving the crowds for the _festival of greed_ (that follows the _festival of gluttony_ and precedes the _festival of drunkenness_), fall by michael's and have yours improved.


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