Monday, November 19, 2007

bindle @ 6th street live, 11.16.2007

not much time to write this week due to much work

bindle boys played good
nice size crowd (although a few drifted away before the end)
jesse sierra hernandez was there
and william bryan massey III celebrating his 50th b-day

beforehand, steffin and justin were talking
about gomez (absent due to new fatherhood)
and his propensity for playing weirdo chord inversions
"in fact," justin said, "matt never plays root notes either"
and time signatures..."funny you should mention that,"
steffin said...make bindle "not a good band to sit in with;"
in fact, "a good band to _sit out_ with," they agreed

opening band (quo) soundchecked seemingly forevah
their bassplayer drums in stella rose too
forella (bless him) was up front giving them props
was reminded that part of the fun of a local scene
is watching bands grow up on stage
we walked out to the patio and hung out with sam and jeanne

i'm still not used to all the tables
not many people standing up
funny way to watch a rock show imo

was glad to see that bindle must have gotten
more rehearsal time -- added a coupla toons
("buffet" and "red hair," with steffin
singing the last line) to the eleven they played
at their "public rehearsal" a few weeks before --
a well-paced set

just before they hit
heard kevin telling steffin "i'm not nervous anymore"

they played great -- if there were any clams
or forgotten lyrics, i didn't notice 'em

i feel greedy
hoping they'll do some more shows -- particularly now
that gomez is (i think) available
to play some of that earlier, more complex,
"feel"-oriented material --
i could stand to hear all these songs again


Blogger Robo-Pirate said...

Yeah, they have to get rid of those front tables. Watched Sally Majestic on Saturday and the tables were a weird thing.

7:20 AM  

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