Saturday, October 06, 2007

pink floyd, far east family band

while clear channel has made it unnecessary to ever hear pink floyd's work from dark side of the moon on up ever ever ever again, hearing stuff like boris' flood and feedbacker and the new om pilgrimage has made their older stuff resonate for me again. here's a snippet of "echoes" from the album meddle and the movie live at pompeii, which i originally saw on pbs and then again with my drug buddies when it was released to theaters after they became a commercial proposition post-dark side. this was from the era before they had a whole 'nother band onstage with them. nice gear.

here's a clip of the far east family band, a '72-'77 japrock outfit that worked with klaus schulze (ash ra tempel, tangerine dream) but definitely had more than a bit of floyd influence.


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