Thursday, September 20, 2007

coupla thangs

blues gtrist-singer larry liscomb, sitting in with john shook's jamcats at fonky fred's, has the sound and feel of classic '60s buddy guy. which is pretty damn fine indeed.

also, ron "the velvet hammer" geida is filling the gtr slot in villain vanguard that bryce harp vacated to go to law school. you have been warned.

finally, jonathan irwin (percussion), tamara cauble (violin), darrin kobetich (gtr), and jordan frantz (vox) all guested with the wednesday night jamcats at the li'l wreck room. you have exactly one more chance to catch this "weekly ritual" before the wreck room goes away forever. jam-meister lee allen sez a more structured 'n' volume-regulated version of the jam will be on offer at lola's.


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