Saturday, August 18, 2007

p.p.t., liquid bounce

fell by the wreck last night to catch the p.p.t. / liquid bounce show. we'd been to a wedding earlier and were wondering why it is that all these sweet 20something couples feel compelled to have sinatra played at their wedding receptions. certainly not as a concession to their boomer parents?

anyway, happy to report that the wreck's a/c is fixed and the big room wasn't the swamp we'd feared it might be. saw jesse sierra hernandez for the first time in awhile, as well as steve-o and kevin ryan of the s.p.e.a.k. project. brian forella was proud to have his room filled with hip-hop fans of all colors, and p.p.t. was celebrating being named "best rap / hip-hop band" by the dallas observer. their idol records stablemate corey watson of black tie dynasty, who won so many observer awards this year that they should probably retire their number, joined p.p.t. onstage for their last number.

overall, p.p.t.'s show was an explosion of energy and groove, de-emphasizing the funny bullshit that's so much apart of their cd tres monos in love's considerable appeal. sure, they're personalities, but their sound harks back to a time when the subject matter of hip-hop was more than its artistes' celebrity. p.p.t.'s self-deprecating humor is reminiscent of east coast crews like de la soul and a tribe called quest, but they win on their own merits. hard to make me like a band with no instruments except for picnic's keys, but they did it just fine.

this was liquid bounce drummer nick's last show with the band before heading home to cali for unspecified activities. i'd jammed with bassist ruben before, but now i wish i'd peeped his band earlier. they play a tight, funny, aggressive brand of jazzy funk groove -- like a more spacious confusatron -- with the riddim section laying down a deep pocket for keyboardist dan to overlay with classic fender rhodes 'n' hammond b-3 sounds, and frontman kevin doing a more than worthy job on the mic, sax, and keys. they're going to continue with another drummer. worth hearing more, i'm thinking. my sweetie took some pics of both bands that she'll post on her photo blog.


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Dude, it would frighten you if you knew how much Sinatra I listen to.

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