Thursday, May 10, 2007

stumptone, howling dervishes, sleeplab

was at work yesterday and ran into gtrist frank cervantez, ex-sub oslo, who's been playing with stumptone. frank informed me that stumptone is playing at rubber gloves rehearsal studios' 10th anniversary bash on friday, 5.18.

also ran into bassist johnny singularity from the gideons and howling dervishes, the latter of which will be performing at the wreck room next wednesday, 5.16, before the jamcats. he also said original gideons drummer terry valderas a.k.a. vernixx (also ex-e.s.p / toadies / parasite lost), currently in exile in oklahoma, is looking to spend more time back in the fort after playing fred's fest with the gideons -- a good thang for lovers of creative beats.

speaking of the market, tonight (barring rain, of course) the patio there will be the location of a performance by sleeplab, a band that i never see anymore because i'm always playing at el wreck with the jamcats when they're at embargo. they're also at 6th street live tom'w night, 5.11, and in the ridglea theater lounge next sat'day, 5.19. so there.


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