Thursday, February 01, 2007

tony slug

my dutch pal, punk-rock pioneer, ww2 buff, turbonegro uberfan, raconteur and bon vivant tony leeuwenberg a.k.a. tony slug is 6'2", far too tall for any nederlander, and wears his les paul lower than jimmy page. (this means that he holds it in a vertical position all the time.) one smart 'n' funny sumbitch he is, too. i've been corresponding with sluggy for yrs -- interviewed him for the i-94 bar webzine out of orstralia around '99 or so and encountered him in the flesh just one time, at sxsw 2003, where i was ostensibly working for a newspaper and he was playing with a band from eindhoven called the spades. he has quite an illustrious history, having played in the nitwitz, b.g.k. (with whom he toured the u.s. of a. way back in '86 or so and actually played a show in odessa, texas), and loveslug before hooking up with dee-troit eminence scott morgan in the hydromatics. if you never heard of any of these bands, you're in luck: tony's got a blog where you can hear clips of most of the above. for the hydromatics (one song, anyway), you've gotta go to scott morgan's site. break things and get dirty.


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