Monday, January 22, 2007

watt, miles, stooges

listening to banyan's version of "funhouse" from the live at perkins' palace ceedee and reading mike watt's tour diaries from sxsw 2001, where i saw ron asheton for the first time, playing stoogesongs with j. mascis and the fog _twice_ (emo's and rekkid store), and the gypsy tea room from later on that same tour. 'twas truly inspiring to see them playing those stoogesongs live; that run of shows is prolly my fave of all time after the couple i caught by scott morgan's powertrane in cleveland and ann arbor. funny that listening to banyan, tahiti thought it was miles' tribute to jack johnson alb -- actually an easy mistake to make. thinking about miles and how every decade (or half decade; think about the diff between bitches brew and jack johnson, even). thinking about how many musos i dig besides banyan -- dave douglas, ghostcar, dennis gonzalez, to name a few -- owe their existence to miles davis. cat had big shoulders, indeed -- big enough to carry multitudes. stooges same way.


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