Monday, November 27, 2006

feel like a broke-down engine

right shoulder's been sore since july
from a combo platter of computer mouse usage
at the job i quit last month,
humping a heavier amplifier for the stoogeband
and dragging our bags thru airports
enroute to joisey

left wrist has been hurtin'
since i moved a big neon sign
in preparation for taping interviews
for documentary at fonky fred's
making it harder to do rehab exercises
for the aforementioned shoulder

the other night, coming downstairs
from a friend's apartment,
i was goofing around and wound up
stepping off the sidewalk the wrong way
and twisting an ankle on the leg
i tore a muscle on last yr

ah, you gotta love decrepitude

(note: title of this post refers to a blind willie mctell song covered by johnny winter and, apparently, bob dylan.)


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