Wednesday, July 05, 2006

blue cheer

holy fucking shit! blue cheer -- the non-peace-'n'-luv face of san francisco ca. '68, who made their name back in the day for being louder 'n' more outta control than cream and the hendrix experience put together and pretty much established the template for such latter-day exemplars of heaviosity as the melvins, sleep, sunn o))), earth, et al. -- be's at hailey's in denton on july 14th, with two bona fide 'riginal members (that'd be vocalist-bassist dickie peterson 'n' drummer paul whaley). regrettably, my sweetie 'n' i will be outta town that particular night, but were we able, i can't think of a better way to spend bastille day than getting steamrollered by the cheer. wear earplugs and remember to yell for "out of focus."


Blogger ANDREW M. said...

yeah, BC are playin' my town too this month but i'm saving every $ i can for the house-buy.

would be nice to seem 'em though. they truly put the "power" in power trio and are one of the greatest loudass 3 piece outfits of all time.

3 summers ago, i was a historical tour guide and was getting my bike fixed while already on the edge of being really late for a private senior citizen tour gig. anyway, the cat tuning my rig was spinning a cassette copy of cheer's "outsideinside" and i remember being so impressed that anyone even remembered this band. i only stumbled upon 'em by accident years earlier while reading sonny barger's auto bio as the oakland angels were apparently big BC fans.

great band, and right up there with the mothers, 13th floor elevators, syd barrett era-floyd, and the dead as the best the psych era had to offer (in my op.)

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