Tuesday, May 09, 2006

barber mack, the great tyrant

having broken the seal at fredfest, groovin' reggae-jazz outfit barber mack will take us a little bit deeper into their thang this coming thursday, may 11th, at the black dog tavern (where stoogeaphilia resurfaces a week from then, may 18th). they're playing before caffeine chemistry (with whom they share a coupla mbrs), and the right honorable billy whitewater wilson be's pourin' the dranks. sounds like a good deal to me.

then this sunday, may 14th, the great tyrant, featuring ex-yeti jon teague and tommy atkins and ex-pointy shoe factory daron beck, be's at the li'l wreck room. (that's why stoogeaphilia prac be on monday -- jon kicks traps wit' dem, too.) this causes another existential dilemma, as i can only be in one place at once, and lady pearl's b.t.a. band is at the bluebird that same night. think i gotta go wit' the great tyrant in this instance, 'cos i haven't seen a show by them before, and i'm diggin' playin' music wit' mr. teague so mightily. if you dig authentic blues, tho, you owe it to yrself to see b.t.a. so sayeth me.


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