Friday, March 24, 2006

green party benefit - trinity park - saturday march 25th

this from marcus lawyer:

If you want to see me and Jen in a kick ass band together, come to the trinity bandshell off 7th (by the duck pond) at 4:30. we will, we will rock you. well, actually, its quit smooth and groovy and not rockin at all, but you will be intalectually rocked.

we...are...the Alarm Clocks!!! time to wake up...pow! also in the band:
-jeff a from sleep lab
-james norris from... like 10 bands
-forrest ward from the earth
-brian batson fro confusatron
-quincy miller from your self conscious
-damascus from the truth and big d
-silence from the the town of funky
-and more!

positive social change is in need folks, come learn what you can do to make it a better community and world.

Kick off our local ballot access drive with us and local
Green-supportive artists!

Saturday, March 25
From Noon 'till Dusk
In the Trinity Park Shelter House
On 7th St, 2300 Block, Just West of downtown Fort Worth
Performers include:
Tammy Gomez - a gifted poet and performance artist
Manifest Destiny's Child - experimental improv drum and guitar sounds
Clint Niosi & the Silver Lining Cynics - a guitar-wielding lead singer
with a backup band
Curtis Heath & Guests - american roots-ish lead singer with unusual
backup instruments
The Shortest Distance - a guitar-wielding hippy singer
Jason Eklund - american roots singer/songwriter
Autonomy Star - a poetry singing pianist
Jhon Kasen (Jhonny Case) & Guests - a jazz pianist and prodigy with
special guests
Rose Ann Meredith - Fort Worth poet
The Alarm Clocks - musicians and poets performing conscious raising songs
Bring your own chair, and an extra one if you have it or a cover to sit on Bring your own food.

Groups are invited to display and receive donations for lilterature, wares, food, etc.

Diane Wood


Blogger ANDREW M. said...

very nice. going with the greenies seems to be the only way to break the cycle of greed and destruction that is the two party beauty contest. i think a lot of folks are reluctant to go with 'em cause some people don't see the point of voting if they can't pick the winner. what ever happened to the best peeps for the job???

career politicians have no place in politics.

8:46 AM  

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