Tuesday, January 31, 2006

phil overeem, village voice

my friend phil overeem -- who teaches high school and keeps the rock'n'roll faith in columbia, missouri; whose website i usedta scrawl for; and who had the decency to put me up when i was on the road with nathan brown, and buy us a pizza (altho his repeated requests for velvet underground songs while we were playing on the street were puzzling, to say the least) -- wrote to inform me that he and i are both quoted in the village voice music poll ish (which i responded to this yr primarily out of a desire to see jhon kahsen's name on the voice website).

after indulging my shakey vanity to read the two (!) priceless pearls of wisdom the editors extracted from my ballot-accompanying rant, i read the following from phil:

My favorite rock and roll moment of the year happened in March when the Drive-By-Truckers played free for 125 kids at the Missouri high school where I teach. They rolled our their tour bus, set up in about 10 minutes, and played a brilliant acoustic set filled with songs (like "Outfit," "Never Gonna Change," "Lookout Mountain," and "The Day John Henry Died") that they'd specially selected for the audience. In between, Hood, Coley, and Isbell talked about the inspiration behind their writing and dispensed much wise advice for budding rockers. Afterwards, they signed autographs over cafeteria chocolate milk for 20 minutes, talked one-on-one with several student musicians, and at their show at a local venue that night, dedicated a song ("Buttholeville" -- the choice was inspired not by the song's subject matter but by its killer riff) to the kids.

Phil Overeem
Columbia, Missouri

and that shit really 'n' truly made my day. so there.


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