Sunday, January 08, 2006

goodwin, stumptone, the great tyrant

not to worry the point to death, but just a friendly reminder that goodwin will be at the wreck room this friday, january 14th. the rest of the card: briley and the eaton lake tonics. drummers damien stewart (goodwin / ph7) and chris cox (briley) were at the impulse of will show last night checking out dave karnes. who can blame them? not i.

further, exploratory dentonites stumptone, now with the added goodness of sub oslo gtrist frank cervantez, will be at the li'l wreck the following friday, january 20th. also on the bill: centromatic, pleasant grove. plus, that night is the last hurrah for darrin kobetich's acoustic improv thang at "wreck west."

finally, it's not on the club's online calendar or the band's myspace thingy yet, but noted drummer / sound cat / bookseller jon teague sez the great tyrant (his current project w/pointy shoe factory cat daron beck and ex-yeti bandmate tommy atkins) will be wreck-ing it on saturday, january 21st. and i believe him. mr. teague was most recently heard complaining about having to serve as "grandpa counterculcha" to all these young shoegazer scum who dig music but are not wise to its provenance. that's what you get for stickin' around long enough, i guess.


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