Sunday, November 13, 2005

the outlaw chef

words cannot express how much we dig fonky fred's, and i have too many favorites from among outlaw chef terry chandler's friday night specials to hold any one up above the rest (altho the green dragon pork, the whole mesquite roast duck, and the sirloin roll with cheese 'n' green chilies are all likely candidates), but last friday's cornmeal-encrusted tilapia filets with mango salsa, black beans, rice, and homemade sour cream just might be the most satisfying meal i've eaten in a year, boasting the most complimentary balance of flavors 'n' textures imaginable.

hearing gary grammer blow blues harp on wayne shorter's "footprints" with saint frinatra (the confluence of blues 'n' jazz idioms putting me in mind of paul butterfield's epochal east-west alb) wasn't bad, either.


Blogger ANDREW M. said...

think you're missing the "d" in fred's on that link cause it dropped me into a blank screen. added my own "d" and checked out the pad though, look like great chow!

8:49 AM  

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