Monday, October 31, 2005

mike richardson

so we went to see nathan brown at the wreck room and wound up running into mike richardson, the cat who played bass in the underground railroad both after and before matt hembree (it's a convoluted history). as it happened, u.r.'s prog was not where mike's heart was at (his first musical love: classic rock), but railroad honcho bill pohl sez mike can play anything and puts together cover bands in his native denison at a moment's notice. he's also got a coupla regular solo gigs here in the fort: wednesday nights at the moon (which i will never see until lee allen either loses the wreck room gig or fires my ass) and sunday nights at the flying saucer downtown. he's also playing this friday at saloui's (or whateverthehell the new mgt is gonna call it) just south of sardines on university. as my sweetie and i are gonna be peregrinating around the old neighborhood, perhaps we'll have to fall by in between james hinkle at the museum of modern art and funky fred's for a fredburger and saint frinatra.


Anonymous matt said...

I second Bill's assessment of MR's bassabilities.

11:54 AM  

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