Sunday, October 30, 2005

the call up

don't really have anything to say today, except that i saw a bud last night who holds a commission in the army reserves. he just got the telegram that he's supposed to report for a pre-mobilization physical in a month or so, then off to fort bragg and prolly iraq. while he's not real red-white-and-blue at the prospect, he's not the running-away-to-canada type, either. push comes to shove, he'll do everything he can to get out of it, but if he can't beat it, he'll go do his thing with honor. it just makes me wonder how far down in the bottom of the barrel the powers that be are gonna have to scrape to be able to continue their adventures in afghanistan, iraq, and now, apparently, iran and syria before they're forced to re-institute the draft, which is prolly what it will take to get the electorate in this country riled up enough to stop 'em.


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